Faculty of Business


The Faculty of Business aspires to be one of the leading private, non-profit business education providers in Hong Kong with an outstanding reputation for the professionalism of its graduates. The Faculty is committed to delivering quality in teaching, learning and some niche areas of research with a strong and connected presence to our local, regional and global communities.


The Faculty offers a bundle of associate degree programmes of two years long in various fields of business to meet the manpower needs of the territory. Programme curricula are designed to provide students with the essential principles, concepts and methods of applications in their chosen area of study. In addition to its associate degree programmes, the Faculty also delivers a one-year Diploma in General Studies programme to prepare students for articulating to an associate degree programme.


Harnessing its strengths, expertise and experience of successfully running sub-degree programmes over the years, the Faculty has since last year launched undergraduate programmes to provide our associate degree graduates an option for furthering their studies at degree level.